KRLA Poem, "I Know You're Everywhere, So There!"

Poem written by KRLA's DICK MORELAND in 1962.

(Hand-printing by Elizabeth Ruth Earl, 1918-2002)



Allen was "traded" to KHJ 930 AM (Pre-"Boss Radio") for Wink Martindale in 1960.

Martindale's existing "Sea Circus Arena" TV dance show from P.O.P. was thought to attract teens for KRLA's audience.


Bundled up in a warm sweater...it's FROSTY THE SHOWMAN...

Frosty Harris jocked the sometimes chilly 9-Midnight shift on KRLA starting in August 1959 (he was one of the original "Eleven-Ten Men.")

For a short time in early 1960, he jocked 7-Midnight, but was quickly moved back to 9-Midnight once the new 6-9pm jock was in place.

He was later moved to Midnight to 6 in the fall of 1961.

He left KRLA in early 1962 after a brief stint as "Bruce Harris" in the newsroom.




Original 93/KHJ "B.J." SAM RIDDLE would depart KHJ in 1970.

Later that year, he would turn up on Echo Park area's KDAY 1580 AM.


When Top 40 Radio Played "He's A Rebel."

On another blogsite down the internet block, a friendly debate was going on as to which "He's A Rebel" was a better song...the FIRST one out by Vikki Carr, or the 2nd one out of the gate that was THE HIT, by the Crystals. Our own site "advisor" Bill Earl chimes in with his two cents on those two competing versions.
Blogger Bill Earl said...

The Vikki Carr version was superior....in MY book.
By the way, I'm a townhomeowner in ROSEMEAD...the city that Vikki Carr grew up in, her former home just blocks from the window I'm looking out of.

One more thing as to WHY the Vikki Carr song was superior.

Listen to the lyrics.

And look at an old pic of Vikki Carr from her first Liberty LP, flip hairstyle, etc.

Vikki Carr's image then was that of a "good" "pure" Mexican-American Catholic girl that looked like she didn't "put out", BUT she LOVED her "REBEL," and she was risking her reputation by hanging w/ him.

The Crystals sounded to me very "streetwise" and, to my ears, not as BELIEVABLE as "good girls" even though they just might well have been in real life.

Remember didn't The Crystals also record a song "Let's Do The Screw"?

NO WAY, would the "virginal imaged" Vikki Carr have gotten away with THAT type of song back then.

But the Crystals COULD and DID, after hearing their portion of the song "Let's Do The Screw."

The image of Vikki Carr made the whole concept of the record "He's A Rebel" more believable.

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The DJ Lineups Of 93/KHJ, 1965-1980

We just reviewed BY HAND a full "run" of 93/KHJ survey folders from #1 in 1965, thru the final issue #788 in 1980.
Thru those folders, we were able to come up with what we think is the so-far BEST documentation on every 93/KHJ DJ lineup from 1965 until the folders ended in 1980.
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SCROLL Forward For "The DJ Lineups Of 93/KHJ" 1965-1980

All lineups (Image Displays 1 thru 12)are based on our carefully studying BY HAND each of the 93/KHJ survey folders #1 in 1965, thru #788 in 1980, including DJ picture changes, listed lineups etc.
Please e-mail us to fill in any blanks or to make corrections to
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KGBS 1020 AM Sign, Lynwood CA


Dick Moreland was moved out of his longtime Noon-3pm show in early 1963, swapping shifts with Rebel Foster (and "his" Maude Skidmore) into the 9-Midnight shift, but by that summer would be replaced by Dick Biondi, and Moreland would then move to "back stage" management positions, weekends and relief, and not again on the regular starting lineup, until the "voice tracked" Odyssey show in early 1969.