The Dave Hull Interview, THE PLAID POST Vol. 5 No. 2

In the fall of 1965, Foothills Junior High School 9th grader ("highlander") BiLL EARL remembered that someone had interviewed KFWB's Wink Martindale for the front page of the school newspaper (THE PLAID POST) during his 7th grade year, school year 1963-64.

Two years earlier in 1963, Martindale had lived near the junior high school campus, and was a neighbor to someone in the journalism class.

Bill decided he wanted to TOP that (and ulterior motive: maybe make the 9th grade girl Bill had a crush on, Eydie Rayfield, notice him.)

As Bill knew Dave Hull already from sitting near him and his family at Holy Angels Catholic Church in Arcadia every Sunday since Dave moved to Arcadia in June 1963 just blocks away from the junior high school campus, Bill thought, why not a "KRLA Dave HULL Interview" for the front page of THE PLAID POST during his 9th grade "senior" year 1965-66?

Bill went over to the KRLA studios to interview Hull after his Saturday show.

The interview DID make THE PLAID POST for the right-before-Christmas Vacation edition, but because Bill was not YET a member of the Journalism class (he was enrolled to start Journalism which started the SECOND semester in February 1966), Bill's name was rudely kept off the interview and "byline."
This has never been republished until now.


> Foothills is now called Foothills Middle School and now goes from grades 6 thru 8, instead of 7 thru 9.
> Even though Bill did stick a "love note" in Eydie's locker shortly after the paper was published, Eydie Rayfield never did pay any attention to Bill that year, and did NOT go on to Arcadia High School to start 10th grade in school year 1966-67. Her whereabouts are long unknown. She'd be about 58, if she is still alive.
> Dave Hull, in his early 70s, is jocking evenings at beautiful music KWXY-FM in Cathedral City, a suburb of Palm Springs.
> The building in which Bill interviewed Dave in is now a 5-star hotel-adjacent health spa.
> Bill is our site Consulting Advisor, and will begin jocking "oldies" on Sacramento-based 147KXOA.com beginning sometime in summer 2009.

KRLA Was STILL "Beatle Radio" In 1966

Even though KRLA's Dave Hull, Radio Eleven-Ten's biggest Beatle booster, was privately offended by John Lennon's "Christ" comment in 1966, and the Beatles slipping more into unconventional songwriting (i.e. "Paperback Writer", "Rain", etc.) , KRLA would still proudly produce the Beatles concert at Dodger Stadium in August 1966.


KRLA's DAVE HULL (Southern CA Beatles Fan Club President +)

Plus, he was vice-president, secretary, treasurer, sergeant at arms, etc.
And on his 6-Midnight "Saturday Night Special" in late 1964 and early 1965 it was all-Beatle tracks.

MANY, MANY in Los Angeles (including our advising consultant Bill) were GLUED to the radio on those Saturday nights!
And Dave's "favorite Beatle" was....Paul!

(They "bonded" during the filming of HELP!)



KISN "Exhibit" BEGINS ! (1 of 15)

Pictured is the post-1964 transmitter site in Vancouver, Washington.

KISN Transmitter, Vancouver WA (2 of 15)

KISN Transmitter Site (Vancouver WA) (3 of 15)

KISN Survey, 1964 (4 of 15)

KISN's DENNIS JAMES (1960) (5 of 15)

KISN's STEVE BROWN (1960) (6 of 15)

KISN's TOM MURPHY (1960) (7 of 15)

KISN Survey, 1964 (8 of 15)


KISN Originally At Smith Lake (9 of 15)

Up thru 1964, the KISN transmitter was located at Smith Lake (see map) before moving to it's current, longtime location in Vancouver, Washington (KISN's city of license, by the way.)

KISN Survey, Approx. 1959 (10 of 15)

KISN Survey Cover, Approx.1959 (11 of 15)

Notice: "Dennis James"?
"Dennis James" was the airname of James Dennis Bruton, who later would become nationally known as "Reb Foster" on KRLA and KFWB in the mid to late 1960s.

KISN, 1964 (Beatle-era) (12 of 15)

"Don Steele" was jocking 3-7pm on this early 1964 one-sheet.


KISN's MICHAEL O'BRIEN (1967) (13 of 15)

KISN Survey Folder, Approx. 1959 (14 of 15)

KISN (Portland OR) "Classic" Logo, 1960s (15 of 15)

WIFE 1310 AM "Exhibit" (1 of 11) STEVE BROWN

BROWN was P.D. of WIFE (1340 AM, Indianapolis IN) during the Burden-era heydey.

Brown is best known to L.A. audiences for his jocking at KRLA in early 1973 in the 12:30-3:30pm shift.

WIFE 1310 AM "Exhibit" (2 of 11)

WIFE 1310 AM "Exhibit" (3 of 11)

WIFE 1310 AM "Exhibit" (4 of 11)

WIFE 1310 AM "Exhibit" (5 of 11)

WIFE 1310 AM "Exhibit" (6 of 11)

Bumper strip from the WIFE heydey.

WIFE 1310 AM "Exhibit" (7 of 11)

The former WIFE offices...today.

WIFE 1310 AM "Exhibit" (8 of 11)

WIFE 1310 AM "Exhibit" (9 of 11)

After WISH became WIFE at 1310 AM.

(Rare offices shot.)

WIFE 1310 AM "Exhibit" (10 of 11)

Before WIFE 1310 AM there was WISH.

(Rare offices pic.)


WIFE 1310 AM "Exhibit" (11 of 11)

WIFE's logo from their legendary era in Indianapolis, Indiana radio history!


KJR 950 AM, Seattle WA "logo", 1966

KJR 950 AM, Seattle WA "Exhibit" (1 of 6)

KJR 950 AM, Seattle WA "Exhibit" (2 of 6)

The tower site and transmitter building seen in this exhibit were photographed during the late 1970s and mid 1980s.

This is the "legendary" KJR site from the 1960s heydey.

We understand that since we took these photographs, the 950 AM KJR transmitter site has moved to another location.

Perhaps the article we have displayed (scroll down) on the towers "shocking" dock workers was the reason for the move away from this historic site that in retrospect we were fortunate enough to have photographed.

KJR 950 AM, Seattle WA "Exhibit" (3 of 6)

KJR 950 AM, Seattle WA "Exhibit" (4 of 6)

KJR 950 AM, Seattle WA "Exhibit" (5 of 6)

KJR 950 AM, Seattle WA "Exhibit" (6 of 6)

Pictured: Pat O'Day, best known from the Cruisin' 1966 LP/CD.

93/KHJ's DAVE DIAMOND (1965)