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Update (3/1/09)

  • The Classic DJ and Radio Scrapbook blog has two outtake pictures from the Butcher cover photo session. (Advisory: As photos go, the imagery is pretty gruesome. You've been warned.)
  • NEW Website For KRLA BEAT Newspapers

    Check out:

    93/KHJ's JOHNNY MITCHELL (1965)

    MITCHELL replaced Dave Diamond in the 6-9pm shift on 93/KHJ in the summer of 1965.


    KHJ's ROBERT W. MORGAN (Early 1967)

    WQAM's GENE WEED (1957)

    Before his 10-year "run" at KFWB, Gene Weed jocked at the legendary Miami powerhouse, WQAM, at 560 AM.



    KRLA's JIM WOOD & "Cheetah" Remotes

    JIM WOOD did some of his 9-Midnight shifts in the fall of 1967 from the legendary CHEETAH night club, formerly the historic Venice Ballroom in Venice CA.

    KRTH 101.1's ROBERT W. MORGAN (1995)

    KHJ's JIM LAWRENCE (1966)

    KCBQ Booster Of The Week (Early 1965)

    "Billy Kraft Earl", was an 8th grader from a (then) prominent Rancho Santa Fe (San Diego County) family (now all-deceased), when KCBQ featured "booster of the week" survey folder covers in early 1965.

    WTVN's DAVE HULL (1962)

    WTVN was an AM powerhouse in Obetz, Ohio (licensed to nearby Columbus.)

    93/KHJ Transmitter (2009)

    This "latest" 930AM KHJ transmitter building was built UNDER the towers in the field behind the former Venice & Fairfax building. The towers are the SAME two from the "Boss Radio"-era.

    WFUN , Miami FL 1967 LP Cover (Portion)

    KBLU, Yuma AZ

    KBLU had its studios and offices at the legendary Stardust Hotel in the very early 1960s.


    KRLA's DICK BIONDI (1965)

    KRLA Bumper Sticker (Variation) (1962)

    136/KGB's BOBBY OCEAN (April 1968)

    "Bear" With Us! Sacramento's KXOA Returns This Summer!


    KRLA's DAVE HULL (1965)

    Hull was the CLOSEST to the Beatles on KRLA, stowing away on a plane to interview them, and hanging out with Paul during the filming of HELP!

    WIL Xmtr Tour (1 of 10)

    Scroll back to view our WIL 1430 AM (St. Lous, MO) legendary transmitter site in North Dupo, Illinois.

    Legendary Los Angeles air talents Bob Dayton (as "Robin Scott") and Dave Diamond both jocked from that site.

    WIL is also featured on the Cruisin' 1958 LP/CD with Jack Carney.

    WIL Xmtr Tour (2 of 10)

    WIL Xmtr Tour (3 of 10)

    WIL Xmtr Tour (4 of 10)

    WIL Xmtr Tour (5 of 10)

    WIL Xmtr Tour (6 of 10)

    WIL Xmtr Tour (7 of 10)

    WIL Xmtr Tour (8 of 10)

    WIL Xmtr Tour (9 of 10)

    WIL Xmtr Tour (10 of 10)

    Enjoy a VIP tour of the North Dupo, Illinois WIL 1430 AM transmitter building, and classic back-up "DJ booth" inside. (Look for the acoustical tiles, naturally.)

    KRTH 101.1's JOHNNY HAYES (1993)