KRLA's PAT MOORE (Drew Struzan Valentine, 1967)

(It was rumored that Struzan did not have a photo of Pat Moore to use, so he made this "composite" of Pat Moore from a Dave Hull pic.)

KRLA's CASEY KASEM (Drew Struzan Valentine, 1967)

KRLA's DICK BIONDI (Drew Struzan Valentine, 1967)

KRLA's DAVE HULL (Drew Struzan Valentine, 1967)

KRLA's JOHNNY HAYES (Drew Struzan Valentine, 1967)

KRLA's BILL SLATER (Drew Struzan Valentine, 1967)

KRLA's BOB EUBANKS (Drew Struzan Valentine, 1967)

KRLA's CHARLIE O'DONNELL (Drew Struzan Valentine, 1967)


Wagner (L) jocked 9-Noon on KRLA in March 1985.

(P.S. The guy on the right with the cap sitting down looks familiar.)


KRLA Mailbox (South El Monte CA), 1967

A Rolling Stone Meets KRLA's DAVE HULL (1964)

Outside the KRLA DJ booth; lobby, Carriage House annex (Pasadena CA)

Note: Structural post seen inside booth, far left, still stands next to a treadmill machine as that area now is an excercise room in a hotel building. No matter HOW much remodeling, those concrete structural posts cannot be removed.



Win A Date w/ KRLA's DAVE HULL (9-8-63)

KRLA Promo Ad, 1963



(Original artwork obtained by Steve Resnik.)


93/KHJ's GARY MACK (1965)

(Original image purchased on EBay.)


(Original pic purchased from Ebay...either G. Knight or G. Junak.)

If Our Own B.E. Called The Shots On The Beatles 1968 Album

(Proposed front cover on top, back cover on bottom.)
Now that we're on this topic, we asked our "consulting advisor" Bill Earl, that if HE was calling the shots in November 1968, just how would he have decided what songs/artwork for what the Beatles released as their "double "white album."

Bill replies.

"Thanks for asking.
I was 18 in November 1968, and, as today, a huge Beatles fan.

I always felt the White Album was an overblown, overindulgent mistake with 14 good well-produced commercial-sounding songs and the rest just underproduced outtake-like FILLER.

I felt as George Martin did.

The Beatles should have picked 14 of those white album songs for a single disc.

I would have kept the original title 'A Doll's House', even though some obscure wannabe band stole it from them by using it first.

Years ago, I had someone put on a homemade CD, MY choices for a single disc for the Beatles 1968 LP.
To honor the Beatles, I kept the 14 songs in the same order they can be found on their double White Album.
On vinyl disc, side 1 would start out with "Back In The U.S.S.R.", and close with "I'm So Tired."
Side 2 would start out with "Everybody's Got Something To Hide," and end with "Goodnight."

I play that 'single disc' INSTEAD of the White Album.
(By the way, my all-time favorite Beatles LP is 'Yesterday & Today.'

Also years ago, I had some graphic art friends design a front and back cover for the single disc.

Since you guys asked for it, here's WHAT I WOULD HAVE liked to have seen on the racks in November 1968.

40 Years Ago: The Proposed BEATLES LP Cover Art

Doug Calgaro at the http://kfxm-kmen-radio.blogspot.com/ site asks if there was cover artwork commissioned for the double lp that is known as the "white album."

Yes, Doug, there was.

George Martin's idea was for the Beatles to put out a single LP with 14 of their best songs from 1968.

It is a matter of personal opinion just WHAT the 14 "best" songs from the "white album" are.

WE have our own ideas.

Our "consulting advisor", Bill Earl, years older than us at going on 59, has HIS own ideas, too.

The title of the LP was to be called "A Doll's House."

HERE is the original artwork for that 1968 single LP that INSTEAD became the Beatles double lp "White album."

Some obscure band beat the Beatles to the title "Doll's House", so the Beatles scrapped that title.

Blame that to spies or rumors.



KCBQ "Big Q" Survey (9-16-62) (Outside)

KCBQ "Big Q" Survey (9-16-62) (Inside)

KCBQ "Big Q" Survey (7-29-62) (Outside)

KCBQ "Big Q" Survey (7-29-62) (Inside)

We Get E-Mail: The Danny Dare Affair - Part 2

Dear Site Editors,
The sad part of Danny Dare's past in the grand sixties was that he was, in fact, quite well-known to the San Brdo Police Department for other incidents involving his drinking excesses...
Of course, they KNEW who he was but, (and this is also a part of local history to which i was privy to), the P.D. showed him no mercy, perhaps, BECAUSE of who he was --
the San Berdoo police were pretty reactionary right-wing at that time and did NOT cotton to the new-generation of DJ's steadily populating the Top 40 stations during that period.
Anyway, the short of it was that poor Danny gave the boys in blue an easy target and they brought him down easily --
the same reasoning could also apply to the Sun-Telegram for reporting Danny's big bust in 1968.
That press was (then) definitely 'pro-establishment' (if you know what i mean) and was delighted to print any digressions about the growing compliment of 'long-haired, freaky' broadcasters who represented an anti-thetical viewpoint for the late 1960's youth culture.
Danny Dare just happened to be caught up in it as a result of his then-addiction towards alcohol.
Hope this information was helpful
Name Withheld (By Editor decision)



(WE GET E-MAIL) (Artwork by "Michelob Mike.")
Hi Fellas:
The Sun-Telegram, my old hometown newspaper reported (in 1968) that one 'Daniel Arreger' (aka Danny Dare) was busted for 'drunk driving'... My assumption is that after he apparently assaulted (a) barmaid, he was popped by the local P.D. after driving away from the scene of his earlier situation.
Anyway, i do know that he served six months in the San Bernardino County Jail and was released just prior to the AFTRA strike at KFXM/KDUO-FM in the fall of 1968.
Note: i did work with Danny Dare on a few occasions during the early 1970's at some broadcasting venues that brought us together.
By the way, i have indeed been checking out the (Classic DJ) website -- and it looks promising, yes!

Best wishes for the New Year, Fellas.
(Name withheld by Editors)
OUR reply:
danny dare had quite a celebrity status in the I.E.
his picture was on Tiger Mags for years
when the police stopped him, didn't they realize just WHO he IS?
wouldn't you think they'd say, " Danny Dare..oh, wow..hey, we'll just take your car keys..give you a ride home" because of his celebrity status
aren't you as surprised as US that that did NOT happen?