If Our Own B.E. Called The Shots On The Beatles 1968 Album

(Proposed front cover on top, back cover on bottom.)
Now that we're on this topic, we asked our "consulting advisor" Bill Earl, that if HE was calling the shots in November 1968, just how would he have decided what songs/artwork for what the Beatles released as their "double "white album."

Bill replies.

"Thanks for asking.
I was 18 in November 1968, and, as today, a huge Beatles fan.

I always felt the White Album was an overblown, overindulgent mistake with 14 good well-produced commercial-sounding songs and the rest just underproduced outtake-like FILLER.

I felt as George Martin did.

The Beatles should have picked 14 of those white album songs for a single disc.

I would have kept the original title 'A Doll's House', even though some obscure wannabe band stole it from them by using it first.

Years ago, I had someone put on a homemade CD, MY choices for a single disc for the Beatles 1968 LP.
To honor the Beatles, I kept the 14 songs in the same order they can be found on their double White Album.
On vinyl disc, side 1 would start out with "Back In The U.S.S.R.", and close with "I'm So Tired."
Side 2 would start out with "Everybody's Got Something To Hide," and end with "Goodnight."

I play that 'single disc' INSTEAD of the White Album.
(By the way, my all-time favorite Beatles LP is 'Yesterday & Today.'

Also years ago, I had some graphic art friends design a front and back cover for the single disc.

Since you guys asked for it, here's WHAT I WOULD HAVE liked to have seen on the racks in November 1968.