40 Years Ago: The Proposed BEATLES LP Cover Art

Doug Calgaro at the http://kfxm-kmen-radio.blogspot.com/ site asks if there was cover artwork commissioned for the double lp that is known as the "white album."

Yes, Doug, there was.

George Martin's idea was for the Beatles to put out a single LP with 14 of their best songs from 1968.

It is a matter of personal opinion just WHAT the 14 "best" songs from the "white album" are.

WE have our own ideas.

Our "consulting advisor", Bill Earl, years older than us at going on 59, has HIS own ideas, too.

The title of the LP was to be called "A Doll's House."

HERE is the original artwork for that 1968 single LP that INSTEAD became the Beatles double lp "White album."

Some obscure band beat the Beatles to the title "Doll's House", so the Beatles scrapped that title.

Blame that to spies or rumors.