We Get E-Mail: The Danny Dare Affair - Part 2

Dear Site Editors,
The sad part of Danny Dare's past in the grand sixties was that he was, in fact, quite well-known to the San Brdo Police Department for other incidents involving his drinking excesses...
Of course, they KNEW who he was but, (and this is also a part of local history to which i was privy to), the P.D. showed him no mercy, perhaps, BECAUSE of who he was --
the San Berdoo police were pretty reactionary right-wing at that time and did NOT cotton to the new-generation of DJ's steadily populating the Top 40 stations during that period.
Anyway, the short of it was that poor Danny gave the boys in blue an easy target and they brought him down easily --
the same reasoning could also apply to the Sun-Telegram for reporting Danny's big bust in 1968.
That press was (then) definitely 'pro-establishment' (if you know what i mean) and was delighted to print any digressions about the growing compliment of 'long-haired, freaky' broadcasters who represented an anti-thetical viewpoint for the late 1960's youth culture.
Danny Dare just happened to be caught up in it as a result of his then-addiction towards alcohol.
Hope this information was helpful
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