KRLA Morning Man Woes In 1969

After William F. Williams did poorly in KRLA morning-drive in early 1969 and ousted, Russ O'Hara was miscast in the 6-9am shift, known most memorably for asking listeners "How's your head?", and "Drive carefully."
Early 1969 KFRC jock Jay Stevens told us recently that KFRC's TOM MAULE might have been looked upon as a replacement for O'Hara, (We know for a fact that Maule was indeed "talked to" in 1969 about joining KRLA but Maule told us that he "didn't like the music mix"..i.e. combination of LP tracks and Top 40 hits, and shot himself down) but instead the nod was given to KFRC's Jay Stevens HIMSELF, who thought he might be up for an "afternoon shift" when first approached by KRLA in Spring 1969.
WE felt that the strongest man to do morning-drive in 1969 on KRLA was veteran longtimer BOB DAYTON, who had been jocking the 3-7pm (later 3-6pm) shift, with risque, but efective humor (i.e. "Dayton Players", etc)
Here is "alternative artwork" HAD Dayton been moved into the morning chair.