KRLA's TOM MAULE ???? 1969 ????



TOM MAULE was jocking at KFRC (San Francisco) on the dreaded overnight shift, when KRLA offered him a jocking position at "Radio Eleven-Ten" in the summer of 1969.

We never found out exactly WHAT slot management had in mind for Maule, but on the day he was to "sign" w/ KRLA, he told the PD and Music Director, that he didn't "like the music mix," which at that time was a blend of selected album cuts, mixed with Top 40 singles.

THAT comment cost him the job.

HAD he joined KRLA that summer, THIS artwork would have been issued with the "time" he was to be on below his name.

But it never happened.

But due to that unfortunate, but gutsy, comment, it never happened.

He instead went to cross-town KDAY in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles.