HELM Moves Into EARL's Old Slot On KFXM-FM

Just in:

On Saturday August 16, the legendary JOHNNY HELM, from the original I.E. KFXM, will be moving into the Noon-3pm Saturday afternoon shift on the latest A.V. KFXM (KFXM 96.7 FM, Antelope Valley CA) vacated by BIG BAD BILL (Bill Earl) whose last show on KFXM was on Saturday, July 5, 2008.

(Helm had been jocking Sunday afternoons on KFXM-FM since January 2008.)

Earl resigned from his regular Saturday jocking on the A.V. oldies station later that July (but tells us that he IS available for "live" special shows on KFXM-FM if management asks him.)

We asked Earl how he will be spending those Saturdays, now that Helm has officially replaced him in his longtime Saturday shift on KFXM.
Earl replies,

"Johnny Helm will be 1000% better in that shift than I was.
He's a pro, who brings instant box-office to KFXM.
When I was 17, I used to watch him thru the glass at the poolside KFXM-AM DJ booth in San Bernardino, and want to BE him.
Emperor Compton from 9 to Noon, followed by the Helms Man from Noon to 3 every Saturday is a WINNING double-header combination that will be unbeatable in the TSL (time spent listening) department.
As for ME, well, besides trying to get over those 'Mr. UN-FEELing' blues, I am delighted to report that I now regularly, and without any hesitation, use TAPE DRIVES as foot rests without any reservations.
I also try to LEAN ON every high stool I come in contact with, and, especially, I EXPECT any radio engineers I deal with in the future to be CAR HOPS, as well."

The "on the beach" Earl will be LITERALLY "on the beach" (Prisoners Harbor on the Channel Island Santa Cruz) all day TOMORROW August 4.

Earl continues,
"I've heard that non-working jocks are said to be 'on the beach,' so I can't think of a BETTER beach to be 'on' than Prisoners Harbor tomorrow."

Later this month, Earl is expected to be consulting a Bay Area internet channel, but no exact details to report to us at this time.
"Que sera sera", Earl leaves us with.