All Good Things...Again

The plug has officially been pulled on "KXOK...from the historic El Rey Theater in Manteca CA. "

We had HEARD a rumor a while back that it MIGHT happen, but it was confirmed to us today (9/23/08) by George Junak of California Aircheck.

NOW on the KXOK63.com website, the audio feed connects to an internet channel "KYAradio.com"
According to OUR sources, this makes TWO KYA-esque "channels" out there.
> http://www.kyaradio1.com/ (run by Verne "Chris Edwards" White...not to be confused with the 1968 KYA jock "Chris Edwards.") We are told that it is an audio feed of KYAF in Firebaugh, CA (in the "Golden Valley")
and now
> http://www.kyaradio.com/ (currently "all-Gary Mora, all-the-time")
Sadly, "The Darin' PHIL HERON," KXOK's 9-Nooner is now "on the beach" (Phil tells us maybe forever?) and OUT of a radio gig....for the FIRST TIME since December 2006.

"Phil Heron from the historic El Rey Theater" (now an awesome microbrewery) is ALREADY MISSED.
The "all-Gary Mora, all the time" KYAradio.com needs OTHER VOICES....
WE hope KYAradio.com picks up both KXOK63.com's "The Darin' Phil Heron" and "The Real Deal Bobby Steele" ASAP!