KFXM MEMORIES: "I Just May Be On The Beach Forever..."

BILL EARL jocked weekends on KFXM (96.7 FM, Lancaster CA) from April 2007 to July 2008.

Earl voluntarily resigned his Saturday Noon-3pm shift (last show was in July 2008) but left himself available to KFXM for "live special event" gigs that, as of this posting, haven't happened.

Earl tells us, in an exclusive comment,

"For the first time since December 2006, I'm 'on the beach', and unless someone finds me and 'brings me BACK', I just may be 'on the beach' forever.

I'll be 58 next Tuesday, and I'm realistic that most of TODAY'S jocking is really a younger guys market.

But that's radio, and I understand that THAT is the way the business works.

I'm just happy that I made sure that I have tonsful of unscoped airchecks of my ErrorFM, KFXM, and KXOK (as "Phil Heron") shows, so there's lots of proof that, yes, I really DID get to jock again for the first time since KPCS in January 1972, and, after all, IT REALLY DID HAPPEN, and we can't change history.

Now, where's my sunscreen?"