WE Get E-Mail: KRLA "Beatles Radio"-Era

Dear Editors,

I'm writing a memoir about radio in LA during the late 1950s and 1960s, especially KRLA.

Do you have material in your archives about these stations' games, contests, and publicity campaigns?

I'm especially interested in KRLA's publicity campaigns in 1964 with respect to the Beatles concert.

Incidentally, I did attend a KRLA-sponsored event in Beverly Hills one morning during July/August of 1964, at which teens were asked to design and bring posters featuring KRLA and the Beatles as the theme.

Many thanks,


Dear T.M.,

We're going to display the chapter in the definitive history of KRLA, DREAM-HOUSE, that covers the KRLA Beatle era.

We will try to get that chapter displayed tonight....right here.

We'll e-mail you when it is ALL displayed here.

The Eds.