When TOM MURPHY Was 9-Noon On KRLA

As soon as P.D. Shadoe Stevens began finetuning KRLA from Top 40 to Progressive AOR, he switched "high personality" morning-drive Tom Murphy with "low personality" Don Burns, moving Burns to AM drive, and Murphy to the miscast 9-Noon shift in the fall of 1971.

Murphy had "too much personality" for a Progressive AOR in morning-drive, so 9-Noon was a way to phase him out.

In this miscast shift for Murphy, the "World Famous" part of his airname was dropped, and he tried to jock with the brakes on playing Stone Ground instead of Bobby Sherman.

Within a few weeks, Murphy would be OUSTED from 9-Noon and demoted to the Midnight-6am shift as a way to get him to quit, which he did in the late fall of 1971, going back to Seattle and KOL.