136/KGB's VIC GEE ?

VIC GEE played "The Big Room" in Los Angeles (from 1965 to July 1967) at 1500 AM, first as "Vic Gee" on KBLA (his real name was "Vic Gruppi") and then "Vic Grayson" on KBBQ, after KBLA flipped to Country.

Because he was best known to Southern CA Top 40 audiences as "Vic Gee", it would be a no-brainer to once again be "Vic Gee" on 136/KGB, which he joined in the summer of 1967, right?

Never happened.

We were told that the KGB PD (Les Turpin?) just didn't like the name "Vic Gee", so when VIC GEE joined KGB his new manufacted-by-management air name would be "JIM CARSON."

Pictured here is "demo" artwork NEVER PUBLISHED by KGB showcasing just HOW a summer 1967 survey cover might look like IF they HAD allowed Vic Gee to use his Los Angeles Top 40 airname...VIC GEE.