We Get E-Mail: VIC GEE & Italian Name Changes

Many Italian-American air talents had to change their names...Russ Siragusa had to be "Russ Syracuse", Almondo Fiori became "Al Anthony", Angelo Firrovanti became "Bill Angel", Joe Dazzo had to be "Joe Daniels", Johnny Laurello became "Johnny Michaels" before flipping to "Johnny Laurello" on KRLA in 1973, and Vic Gruppie had to call himself something OTHER than that, so "Vic Gee" (pictured here) was a simple solution.

Vic may hold the record for the most name changes (3) in one market, i.e. L.A./Burbank....Vic Gee, Vic Grayson, and finally Jim Carson, which he still uses today on KRTH 101.1 FM in Los Angeles...which CAN be heard in San Diego.

The only other two I can think of is Johnny Yount who was "Spanky Elliott" at Oxnard's KACY, "Big John Carter" at San Diego's KGB, and "Johnny Yount" at Car Radio KHJ in 1984, and Jay Stevens at KRLA, Steve Jay at K-Earth, and Steve Janwick at KFXM...THREE different names in the Southern CA region.

But Gee used THREE names in ONE market. I think THAT is the record.