Harley Davidson's association with KMEN is a long, strange one. In 1994, station management made the decision to give up the Sports format they tried on 1290 and go back to playing music. "Killer Oldies 1290" was born and sister station KGGI's afternoon personality was named Program Director for KMEN. Less than thrilled, Harley took the position and attempted to restore the once mighty 1290 back to glory. In the mid 90's, music radio on AM was a lost cause and few found the station. Three General Managers later, the decision was made to dump KMEN altogether. There wasn't a lot Harley could do, since he still had 18 months left in his contract, except smile and nod. KMEN became KMRZ, or, as Harley likes to call it, "KMRZzzzzzzzzzzz". Oldies gave way to big band music until another decision was made to drop the station completely. KMRZ became KKDD, Radio Disney in 1998.

It seemed as though KMEN was gone forever until 2008, when while working for a company that makes state of the art, broadcast automation, Harley, with a high speed internet connection decided to bring back the KMEN name for a new life on the internet. On March 10, 2008, K/men 129 was on the air(on the web)!

These days Harley doesn't have to answer to boneheaded station management as he is the big bonehead now.

Radio geeks like the fact that Harley's resume includes....
Hot Country 99.3, Jammin' Z90, Q106 and Magic 92.5 in San Diego
KGGI in the Inland Empire
KROY in Sacramento
Y-100 and WSHE in Miami
WQUE in New Orleans
to name a few. Harley has two grown kids, mice in his house that he considers pets, and not much of a social life, which allows the time it takes to keep KMEN on the air.

Harley has been nominated Billboard Magazine Air Personality Of The Year and is a Multiple San Diego AIR Awards winner.


(CDJ&RSB Editor's comment: If Harley Davidson is the only jock on this internet channel, sort of like the All-Gary Mora version of KYA on the internet block, will the call letters of THIS channel be changed from K"MEN" to K"MAN"? Just wondering.)