KMEN's JIM QUINN (12/70)

(Artwork and text from Doug Calgaro's classic I.E. radio site: http://kfxm-kmen-radio.blogspot.com/)
Blogger Bill Earl said...

I haven't seen this issue brought up yet, but in a medium that stressed younger guys in 1970, wasn't it unusual that KMEN would hire a middle-aged guy, Jim Quinn, to take over Robert E. Walker's morning show? He really looked out of place on a teen station. (Of course, so did the much older Charlie Walters at KFXM, but he was never in the high profile morning drive position as the older Quinn.) Any stories on just HOW KMEN picked Quinn (who looked like a teen's DAD) over the usual crop of pompodored pretty boy jocks that were the "draw" to especially teenage girls at that time? Doug? Johnny Helm? Any opinion from you guys on the so called "age issue"?