When both Johnnie Darin and William F. Williams joined KRLA in December 1968, the rumor was that Williams would do a "tracked" morning-drive show, and that Darin would do a "tracked" afternoon-drive show joining the OTHER "tracked" shows, Roy Elwell 10-3pm, and Rebel Foster 7-Midnight making KRLA all-voice tracked all the time. It made economic sense.

Instead, new PD Doug Cox instead decided to DUMP the Shaefer voice tracking units, as soon as he could, and go "all-live."

Darin never did get the rumored PM-drive shift, but for a week in December 1968, he DID jock the 3-7pm shift "live" for vacationing Bob Dayton, which led to some of the speculation back then.

Here is "what if" demo artwork from that Doug Cox-era.