In August & September 2008, fresh, exciting new internet oldies channel KXOK63.com gave the illusion that their DJs were doing their shows "live" from a booth off the lobby in the historic El Rey theater in Manteca CA.

One of the jocks brought on board was former Arcadia High School (1969) "Thespian" Bill Earl who used his theatrical talents to play the role of "The Darin' PHIL HERON" who jocked oldies imaginarily from that theater from 9-Noon weekdays.

In ALL REALITY, the theater has been a microbrewery for many years (burp) and the whole illusion was the brainchild of the voice of KXOK DJ "The Real Deal Bobby Steele," we call "Mr. F," as he likes his privacy.

The internet channel never was given the chance to catch on, and so in late September 2008 was brusquely flipped to an all-Gary Mora version of the former Bay Area powerhouse KYA with Mora as the ONLY "jock," sending "Phil Heron" to "on the beach" status.

Displayed here is rare artwork from last August promoting "Phil Heron."

("Mr. F." wanted the jocks to use high school pics of themselves from the 60s. Pictured is Bill Earl as "Phil Heron" from a 1969 Arcadia High theatrical playbill, also displayed.)

Bill tells us that last August he shaved off his Edwardianesque moustache (since grown back) to look more like he did in 1969 in case REAL remotes were to have taken place at the microbrewery.