New ARTWORK From Our Consulting Advisor

Our site Consulting Advisor Bill Earl drew 41 different cartoon characters for a proposed newspaper comic strip about radio stations and their deejays from 1963 to 1966.

All 41 are posted here in this "virtual scrapbook" site.

Up to now, he hasn't drawn any NEW comic strip characters since 1966.

And he never drew any jock "of color."

Bill tells us,

"I grew up in lily-white Arcadia. Lived behind the Arborateum in a house built in 1952. (Sold in 1994 by Bill's mom. Bill & his wife Rose COULD have bought the house, but they preferred townhouse village living, where there would not be so much yardwork, and all the work required to keep that house to upper-middle class neighborhood standards. Bill tells us it looks like a mansion today...better than it ever looked when HE grew up there. ) Knew where every hole was in the back Arborateum chain-link fence. Peacocks on the lawn everyday. Other than the kids of a few Latins who worked at Santa Anita racetrack, I just never had firsthand personal experiences with folks-of-color, especially black folks, until I did volunteer to do election-night get-out-the-vote in 1966 for then-CA governor Pat Brown in northwest Pasadena, knocking on doors in all-black neighborhoods. So, my cartoons characters, just happened to be, as most Top 40 radio back then, all-white guys."

Drawn in early 2009, Bill tried to draw a cartoon of a Southeastern (Georgia/Florida area) "deejay of color", who Bill has never seen, so, instead, used his imagination to draw what the deejay-of-color just MIGHT look like.

Here is that new cartoon character "of color" from the cartooning inks of Bill.

One veteran radiophile who DID see it says it looks very much like the old ones Bill drew from the 60s.

Bill takes that as a compliment, that he can still, uh, get his "pen up."