Heard mostly in 1962 on KFWB (Los Angeles) were the radio commercials for the trendy, hot-selling French auto import "Renault Dauphine."

The commercials pronounced the first word as "ree-nault" ("nault" pronounced like "fault", "dauphine" pronounced as "dough-feen.")

The jingle went like this.

Renault Dauphine.
With a city horn. (softer auto horn sound effect)
And a country horn. (louder auto horn sound effect)
It goes for miles and miles and miles on a gallon of gas.
That's Renault.
All those Frenchmen can't be wrong!

We recall a longtime Bakersfield disc-jockey who used to own a Renault, and one could see it parked in front of his then-home for years.

However, he always pronounced the car as "wre-know." ("wre" as in "wren.")


For some reason, he never would call it a "ree-nault" ("nault" as in "fault")

We ask this talent, if he reads this site, to please leave us a COMMENT below this item as to why he chose NOT use the radio commercial pronunciation..."ree-nault" ("nault" as in "fault"), instead calling it "wre-know" every time.